Marylou Solbrig

Research Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Primary office:

  • SB, SM Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1975,1976
  • MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine 1980
  • Residency Neurology UC-San Francisco
  • Director (CDC-sponsored) Lassa Fever Research Project Sierra Leone W Africa
  • Assistant, Associate Adjunct Professor Neurology, Medicine, Pharmacology UC-Irvine
  • Professor Medicine (Neurology) and Medical Microbiology University of Manitoba Winnipeg MB Canada

Teaching Interests

  • Faculty
  • Researcher
  • Solbrig


My lab studies risk factors for neurological and psychiatric disorders with emphasis on viruses. A long term goal is to learn how systemic inflammation and encephalitic viruses produce neurologic diseases and apply this knowledge to treatment of chronic neurologic and psychiatric disorders.  Using encephalitic virus to elucidate aspects of CNS diseases and neuroprotection, the laboratory has studied viral pathogenesis through animal models of CNS viral injury with particular focus on neurotransmitter systems. Behavioral pharmacologic, neurochemical, molecular biological and neuroanatomical methods have been used to characterize the viral-induced changes in brain monoamine, opioid peptide, cannabinoid, and prefrontal, striatal and limbic circuits that produce vulnerability to seizures, degenerative diseases, movement disorders, drugs of abuse, and aggression. These studies are being extended to the characterization of the biological substrates of gene x environment interactions in impulsive aggression, with early life inflammatory exposures the environmental factor.

Selected Publications

Solbrig, M.V., Koob, G.F., Fallon, J.H. Reid, S. Lipkin, W.I. Prefrontal cortex dysfunction in Borna disease virus-infected rats and its relevance to schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry 40:629-636 (1996)

Solbrig, M.V. Koob, G.F. Joyce, J.N. Lipkin, W.I. A neural substrate for hyperactivity in Borna disease: changes in brain dopamine receptors. Virology 222:332-338 (1996)

Solbrig, M.V. Koob, G.F. Lipkin, W.I. Cocaine sensitivity in Borna Disease virus-infected rats. Pharmacol Biochem Behavior 59:1047-1052 (1998)

Solbrig, M.V. Koob, G.F. Parsons, L.H. Horscroft, N. Kadota, T. Briese, T. Lipkin, W.I.  Neurotrophic factor expression following CNS viral injury produces enhanced sensitivity to psychostimulants: potential mechanism for addiction vulnerability. J. Neurosci. 20:RC104:1-6 (2000

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Solbrig, M.V., Bortolato, M. The role of dynorphins in homeostasis: implications for seizures and postictal phenomena . In. Neuropeptide Research Trends B.A. Levine ed. Nova Biomedical New York 169-188 (2007)

Glaser , C.A. , Gilliam, S., Honarmand, S., Tureen, J.H., Lowenstein, D.H., Anderson , L.J., Bollen, A., Solbrig, M.V. Refractory Status Epilepticus in suspect encephalitis. Neurocrit Care 9(1):74-82 (2008)

Solbrig, M.V. Hermanowicz, N. Cannabinoid rescue of striatal progenitor cells in chronic Borna Disease viral encephalitis in rats. J Neurovirol 14(3):252-260 (2008)

Solbrig, M.V., Fan, Y., Hermanowicz, N., Morgese, M.G., Giuffrida, A. A synthetic cannabinoid agonist promotes oligodendrogliogenesis during viral encephalitis in rats. Exp Neurol 226:231-241 (2010)

Solbrig M.V., Fan Y., Hazelton, P. Prospects for cannabinoid therapies in viral encephalitis. Brain Research 1537:273-282 (2013)


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